Yearly HighDays

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Nine Sun Calender

MeteĆ²i LielDienas Usini Jani Maras Jumis Mikeli Martini ZiemasSvetki

Crust Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 7.Feb 16.Feb 25.Feb 6.Mar 15.Mar
TuesDay 8.Feb 17.Feb 26.Feb 7.Mar 16.Mar
WednesDay 9.Feb 18.Feb 27.Feb 8.Mar 17.Mar
ThursDay 10.Feb 19.Feb 28.Feb 9.Mar 18.Mar
FriDay 11.Feb 20.Feb 1.Mar 10.Mar 19.Mar
SixthDay 12.Feb 21.Feb 2.Mar 11.Mar 20.Mar
SeventhDay 13.Feb 22.Feb 3.Mar 12.Mar 21.Mar
EightDay 14.Feb 23.Feb 4.Mar 13.Mar 22.Mar
SunDay 15.Feb 24.Feb 5.Mar 14.Mar 23.Mar


Sowing Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 24.Mar 2.Apr 11.Apr 20.Apr 29.Apr
TuesDay 25.Mar 3.Apr 12.Apr 21.Apr 30.Apr
WednesDay 26.Mar 4.Apr 13.Apr 22.Apr 1.May
ThursDay 27.Mar 5.Apr 14.Apr 23.Apr 2.May
FriDay 28.Mar 6.Apr 15.Apr 24.Apr 3.May
SixthDay 29.Mar 7.Apr 16.Apr 25.Apr 4.May
SeventhDay 30.Mar 8.Apr 17.Apr 26.Apr 5.May
EightDay 31.Mar 9.Apr 18.Apr 27.Apr 6.May
SunDay 1.Apr 10.Apr 19.Apr 28.Apr 7.May

Fest of Latvian Mithology and Green Light

Flowers Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 8.May 17.May 26.May 4.Jun 13.Jun
TuesDay 9.May 18.May 27.May 5.Jun 14.Jun
WednesDay 10.May 19.May 28.May 6.Jun 15.Jun
ThursDay 11.May 20.May 29.May 7.Jun 16.Jun
FriDay 12.May 21.May 30.May 8.Jun 17.Jun
SixthDay 13.May 22.May 31.May 9.Jun 18.Jun
SeventhDay 14.May 23.May 1.Jun 10.Jun 19.Jun
EightDay 15.May 24.May 2.Jun 11.Jun 20.Jun
SunDay 16.May 25.May 3.Jun 12.Jun 21.Jun


Concert of Meditive Music

Summer Solstice

Harvest Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 24.Jun 3.Jul 12.Jul 21.Jul 30.Jul
TuesDay 25.Jun 4.Jul 13.Jul 22.Jul 31.Jul
WednesDay 26.Jun 5.Jul 14.Jul 23.Jul 1.Aug
ThursDay 27.Jun 6.Jul 15.Jul 24.Jul 2.Aug
FriDay 28.Jun 7.Jul 16.Jul 25.Jul 3.Aug
SixthDay 29.Jun 8.Jul 17.Jul 26.Jul 4.Aug
SeventhDay 30.Jun 9.Jul 18.Jul 27.Jul 5.Aug
EightDay 1.Jul 10.Jul 19.Jul 28.Jul 6.Aug
SunDay 2.Jul 11.Jun 20.Jul 29.Jul 7.Aug

Time of Fire

Between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinoxe is a mysterious, magical time - the day of Mara.
In this day the Time of Fire begins - three times nine days without Fire.
So that the August sky, that is so beautifuly starry and close to people, won't be polluted by the sparks.

Rye Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 8.Aug 17.Aug 26.Aug 4.Sep 13.Sep
TuesDay 9.Aug 18.Aug 27.Aug 5.Sep 14.Sep
WednesDay 10.Aug 19.Aug 28.Aug 6.Sep 15.Sep
ThursDay 11.Aug 20.Aug 29.Aug 7.Sep 16.Sep
FriDay 12.Aug 21.Aug 30.Aug 8.Sep 17.Sep
SixthDay 13.Aug 22.Aug 31.Aug 9.Sep 18.Sep
SeventhDay 14.Aug 23.Aug 1.Sep 10.Sep 19.Sep
EightDay 15.Aug 24.Aug 2.Sep 11.Sep 20.Sep
SunDay 16.Aug 25.Aug 3.Sep 12.Sep 21.Sep



Last open air Concert, Knights Tournament

September 23, 2005, 1:23 AM - Autumn Equinox

LielNakts Dievaines

Spirits Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 23.Sep 2.Oct 11.Oct 20.Oct 29.Oct
TuesDay 24.Sep 3.Oct 12.Oct 21.Oct 30.Oct
WednesDay 25.Sep 4.Oct 13.Oct 22.Oct 31.Oct
ThursDay 26.Sep 5.Oct 14.Oct 23.Oct 1.Nov
FriDay 27.Sep 6.Oct 15.Oct 24.Oct 2.Nov
SixthDay 28.Sep 7.Oct 16.Oct 25.Oct 3.Nov
SeventhDay 29.Sep 8.Oct 17.Oct 26.Oct 4.Nov
EightDay 30.Sep 9.Oct 18.Oct 27.Oct 5.Nov
SunDay 1.Oct 10.Oct 19.Oct 28.Oct 6.Nov


Time of Volf's Sun

Wolfs Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 7.Nov 16.Nov 25.Nov 4.Dec 13.Dec
TuesDay 8.Nov 17.Nov 26.Nov 5.Dec 14.Dec
WednesDay 9.Nov 18.Nov 27.Nov 6.Dec 15.Dec
ThursDay 10.Nov 19.Nov 28.Nov 7.Dec 16.Dec
FriDay 11.Nov 20.Nov 29.Nov 8.Dec 17.Dec
SixthDay 12.Nov 21.Nov 30.Nov 9.Dec 18.Dec
SeventhDay 13.Nov 22.Nov 1.Dec 10.Dec 19.Dec
EightDay 14.Nov 23.Nov 2.Dec 11.Dec 20.Dec
SunDay 15.Nov 24.Nov 3.Dec 12.Dec 21.Dec

Christmas Kiln

Candles Time

1.Week 2.Week 3.Week 4.Week 5.Week
Monday 24.Dec 2.Jan 11.Jan 20.Jan 29.Jan
TuesDay 25.Dec 3.Jan 12.Jan 21.Jan 30.Jan
WednesDay 26.Dec 4.Jan 13.Jan 22.Jan 31.Jan
ThursDay 27.Dec 5.Jan 14.Jan 23.Jan 1.Feb
FriDay 28.Dec 6.Jan 15.Jan 24.Jan 2.Feb
SixthDay 29.Dec 7.Jan 16.Jan 25.Jan 3.Feb
SeventhDay 30.Dec 8.Jan 17.Jan 26.Jan 4.Feb
EightDay 31.Dec 9.Jan 18.Jan 27.Jan 5.Feb
SunDay 1.Jan 10.Jan 19.Jan 28.Jan 6.Feb


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