Project “Undine” is still topical

January 15, 2004

Ingus Zalitis

Ingus Zalitis,
guide of fairytale house “Undine”

Already several years fairytale house "Undine" exists in the middle of Jurmala and with its own style and proposal magnetize interest of many people included tourists. At the beginning our visitors were welcome only at Saturdays, but now each day is possible find something for each interests. The first time probably is better come at Saturday when we have here some action to feel special atmosphere of fairytale house. "Undine" isn't a place where you can see an expensive concert - here everyone come to enjoy by self, be involved and engage in. We create a new reality, opportunity to relax from prosaic side without alcohol and drugs. Here everyone are equal - all problems left behind - rich are not thinking about money and poor don't feel degrade of shortage. Very popular are our evenings of annual increments, right now closest event is New Year which by the sun calendar we will celebrate at February 7th. At these evenings we can hear new groups and also folk music songs in different languages.

Little by little the fairytale house is being renovated and also it's very nice that we have notice at international level, because fond of Queen Julian assign assets for reconstruction works at "Undine".

We are already accustoming that the first attitude to "Undine" from intuitions is careful, but when they see what we really reach by ourselves - the attitude change. Exactly that's way we still keep hope that at 1 Pils street by side of fairytale house "Undine" we could realise idea about country park named "Dragon land". To develop there towers, mills, bridges and all that people could enjoy for free. Already now, with our footbridges, we appeal to the public to spare forest, to listen in bird's songs and to notice ants. The most uncial is that such kind of object is located in middle of city. Environment around "Undine" we should just continue to develop for place where to be is adventure for everyone who will come here. Dubultu square is one of most important object in Jurmala with heritage value, sometimes this place was sacred. This idea is absolutely selfless and enthusiastic. We don't want fight for this idea with teethes and nails, but we consider that such kind of solution can give more benefits for city and attract attention of tourists from many countries who looking exactly for national appearance.

Text by Atis Rozentals
Photo by Ojars Martinsons